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A man using eye drops for dry eyes

The Best Eye Drops for Dry Eyes

If you feel discomfort from dry, irritated eyes, it’s normal to find yourself heading over to the pharmacy to pick up some eye drops. Having dry eyes is not only an annoyance, but it can also be a symptom of a variety of conditions or a result of eye-straining activities. Staring at your computer for too long without taking breaks, or being outside on a windy day are common culprits relating to this concern. Dry eyes can also be a symptom of health problems such as allergies, or a side effect of a new medication you’ve started using. Regardless of the cause, the burning sensation associated with this concern will make you want to look for the most suited eye drops for dry eyes to give you some relief.

In this post, we will cover the best over-the-counter eye drops from your local pharmacy so you can continue with your daily activities without discomfort. First, it is important to distinguish what is causing your discomfort in order to pick the right eye drops for you.

The Causes of Dry Eyes 

There are many types of eye drops that can provide quick comfort, so it’s important to know which ones can give you the most relief for your specific condition. 

The eyes become dry when tears no longer provide moisture to keep them lubricated. This is due to insufficient tear production, and when this happens, the cornea becomes irritated. Biological and environmental factors can cause dry eyes, which include:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Hormone replacement therapy;
  • Taking antihistamines, decongestants, and prescription medication;
  • Contact lenses;
  • Seasonal allergies;
  • Laser eye surgery (LASIK); and
  • Insufficient blinking.

There could be other causes of dry eyes, such as diseases of the immune system, or diseases affecting the skin around the eyelids. 

Types of Eye Drops for Dry Eyes 

Generally, eye drops for dry eyes can be categorized into these major types:

  • Artificial tears
  • Allergy eye drops
  • Anti-redness drops
  • Antibiotic drops for infections
  • Prescription, or medical-grade eye drops

In the case of a more specific medical concern, your ophthalmologist can give you ample information on what you need to know about the most beneficial eye drops for you, or you can choose to buy over-the-counter after speaking with a trusted pharmacist

Now that we’ve cleared things up, let’s move on to our top picks for the best eye drops for dry eyes.

Our Top Picks: Eye Drops for Dry Eyes 

     1. Systane®1. ULTRA Hydration Eye Drops
Systane® ULTRA Hydration Eye Drops

Clinically proven to provide extended protection, this 10 ml bottle contains a high-performance solution for dry eyes. The formula contains sodium hyaluronate and entraps water to rehydrate the eye surface for long-lasting hydration, making it one of the best eye drops for dry eyes on the market.

     2.  Systane® Gel Drops 

Systane® Gel Drops

Systane Gel Drops provide lasting relief from irritations caused by dry eyes. The thicker formula creates a protective shield over the eyes. Its soothing effect makes it one of the most ideal eye drops for dry eyes, or as relief for burning sensations. Its active ingredients, polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol, are safe lubricants that alleviate the feeling of stickiness and itch.

     3. Visine®3. Eye Drops Original 

Visine® Eye Drops Original

Tiredness is one of the main causes of having dry eyes or irritated eyes, and if there’s a brand that most of us run to for relief, it’s Visine®. A household brand for dry eye relief, Visine’s traditional eye drops relieve redness for the times when you have spent too much time on your computer or binging your favourite TV show. Its compact size is perfect for carrying around wherever you go, especially if you’re the type who always suffers from dry eyes, even with minimal amounts of strained eye activity.

     4. Clear Eyes4. ® Eye Drops

 Clear Eyes® Eye Drops

Clear Eyes feature a sterile, isotonic solution that reduces redness, soothes, and moisturizes dry eyes to relieve irritation. The lubricating effect protects your eyes from further soreness and alleviates burning sensations. Its formula is created to provide added relief from dry eyes so you’ll feel comfortable in a blink of an eye – literally and figuratively.

     5. Tears Naturale II by Alcon® 

Tears Naturale II by Alcon®

The Tears Naturale line of products is designed specifically to address dry eyes resulting from excessive wind and sun exposure, dust, and other environmental concerns such as air conditioners and heaters. These eye drops are perfect for those who work outdoors or indoors. Alcon® is a trusted brand for innovative eye care products and solutions, so you know you’re in good hands when choosing their eye drops for dry eyes.

Looking for Eye Drops for Dry Eyes? The Boardwalk Pharmacy Is Here to Help 

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