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TUMS Ultra Assorted Fruit 160's


TUMS Ultra Strength Chewable Antacid Tablets go to work in seconds by starting to neutralize acid on contact to bring fast, ultra strength, chewable heartburn relief, with double the acid fighting power per tablet as TUMS Regular Strength. When symptoms occur, chew and swallow two to three ultra strength tablets, depending on the severity of your acid indigestion. Featuring the active ingredient calcium carbonate, these chewable antacids provide heartburn, acid indigestion and sour stomach relief, and upset stomach relief associated with these symptoms. Delicious and fast, these TUMS Assorted Fruit antacid tablets include a variety of tasty flavors. TUMS antacid tablets are the #1 recommended adult antacid brand by doctors, pharmacists and Ob-Gyns. As America’s #1 antacid and trusted as a heartburn medicine for 90 years, TUMS is fully supported with a satisfaction guarantee. These heartburn and acid indigestion relief tablets are packaged in a compact, resealable bottle that’s easy to stow for when heartburn strikes while you’re out and about. Choose these 1000 mg antacid tablets for fast acting heartburn relief, at home or on the go.