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Emergen-C Immune Gummies


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Vitamin C is essential in maintaining a strong immune system for children and adults alike. Not only beneficial to our immune systems, Vitamin C also lowers the risks of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, and can help manage high blood pressure. This powerful vitamin also helps prevent iron deficiency, which can cause other complex issues in the body.

Emergen-C knows how important this nutrient is to prevent illnesses, which is why they have created a product that’s packed with Vitamin C and other key antioxidants to support the immune system. All bursting with natural fruit flavours, Emergen-C Immune Gummies are kid-friendly too, which means you can protect your little ones and boost their immune system in a way that they would enjoy.

If you’re looking where to buy Emergen-C, Boardwalk Pharmacy has you covered. Choose between a variety of fruit flavours to satisfy and nourish your body, and protect you from pathogens that can leave you sick and restless.

Key benefits:

- Packed with probiotics to support an enhanced digestive system
- Gives a boost of energy for everyday activities
- Provides everyday immune support