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Elastoplast Spot (50)


ELASTOPLAST Spots Plastic Adhesive Bandages – Water and dirt resistant bandages for minor wounds. Never worry about covering a small cut or scrape with the ELASTOPLAST Spots Plastic Adhesive Bandages! These spots plastic adhesive bandages are a discreet size and shape so you can easily add some to your purse or your first aid supplies. These breathable, water-resistant bandages help repel water and dirt from the wound making them great to use as small blister bandages or as a spot bandage on any part of the body. The absorbent, non-stick wound pad protects and cushions the wound while the strong adhesion ensures the bandage stays in place. Whether your wound is on your elbow, your knee, or your finger, these bandages are designed to stay exactly where you put them. Because a simple wound should never slow you down. Application: Clean wound and gently dry skin. Apply the bandage without stretching and avoiding creases. Use each spot only once. Product Benefits: Sterile spots, Discreet size, Strong adhesion, Breathable material, Water-resistant, 1 Box x 50 Spots *Warning: The packaging of this product contains latex, which may cause an allergic reaction. Sterile unless wrapper is damaged or open. Store in cool, dry place.*