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DDrops 1000IU 5ML


The Sunshine Vitamin in Just One Drop
Mom's Choice Awards - Honoring Excellence
1000 IU Per Drop
180 Drops
A Factor in the Maintenance of Good Health
Dietary Supplement
Euro Dropper Technology
GMP Quality Product
Vitamin D is made in skin when exposed to summer sunlight (UVB), and is present in only a few foods.

Vitamin D is necessary for healthy bones and normal muscle function.

Vitamin D can be measured with a blood test for 25-hydroxyvitamin D. The Institute of Medicine recommends this level should be higher than 20 ng/ml.

A vitamin D supplement may be required to raise 25-Hydroxyvitamin D to healthy levels.

Research findings show a 25 (OH)D blood level above 20 ng/ml is related to better health. A vitamin D3 supplement may be especially helpful for anyone who avoids exposing skin to sunshine.