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Band-Aid Waterproof 7.3X10.1CM (6)


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Protect minor cuts, scrapes, and wounds from infection with these 100% waterproof Band-Aids. Soft, flexible, and self-adhesive Band-Aids, each one is guaranteed to be sterile and explicitly designed to block water, moisture, dirt, and harmful germs and bacteria from coming in contact with the affected area. It comes with QUILT-AID™ Comfort Pad, which features a soft cushion that shields painful wounds while you heal and locks in topical ointments effectively.

Buy waterproof Band-Aids for your first aid kit. Have one within reach at home, in the car, diaper bags, and children’s school bags. These premium-quality bandages won’t budge in the shower, or even when you swim or get too sweaty from playing sports and other activities. For best results, apply waterproof Band-Aids on freshly cleaned wounds that have been pat dry and treated with an antibacterial cream. Replace as often as necessary.

Let nothing stop you from doing the things you love. Buy waterproof Band-Aids now!

Key benefits: -   

Key benefits: -#1 Doctor recommended brand

-100% waterproof, sterile, self-adhesive bandages

-QUILT-AID™ Comfort Pad design to cushion painful wounds

-Contains 6 sterile bandages

-Extra large and flexible ideal for covering different sizes and shapes of wounds on  elbows and knees

-Sticks on the skin, not on the wound for easy and comfortable removal