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Band-Aid Variety Pack (30)


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BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages provide first-aid care by covering and protecting minor wounds. These BAND-AID® Adhesive Bandages have QUILT-AID™ Comfort Pads that wick away fluids without sticking to wounds. This bandage variety pack contains 10 each of three different types of sterile bandages: WATER BLOCK PLUS® bandages, which are 100 percent waterproof and stay on even when wet; BAND-AID® Brand SPORT STRIP® Bandages, which provide cushioned foam protection that moves with you; and BAND-AID® Brand TOUGH-STRIPS™ Bandages, which are made of heavy-duty fabric and have a super-stick adhesive. This assorted bandage package contains 30 sterile bandages designed for active lifestyles. BAND-AID® Brand TOUGH-STRIPS™ Bandages are not intended for use on sensitive or delicate skin.