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Always Liners 120


We have run out of stock for this item.

We know how much discomfort period leaks can cause women. Not only does it disrupt daily activities and movements, but leaks also give constant worrying that prevents women from doing what they love in full swing. Always, a trusted brand that offers the most convenient solutions for feminine and menstrual concerns, has developed thin and absorbent liners for discreet, everyday freshness.

Perfect for women-on-the-go, these liners feature a breathable layer and Edge-2-Edge adhesive that keeps dryness all day long. Buy Always Liners from The Boardwalk Pharmacy in packs of 120 pieces if you are looking for the level of protection that suits your lifestyle. When you buy Always Liners, you get to enjoy freedom from thinking about period leaks and how it affects your hustle. Each liner is individually wrapped so you can carry this convenience anywhere you go! Confidence in whatever you do, wherever it may be. That’s how every woman should live their lives.

Key benefits:

- Keeps wetness away from your underwear
- Edge-2-Edge adhesive that keeps the liners intact during all kinds of physical activity
- Breathable layer for absolute comfort