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Nexium 24HR 14's


Start treating heartburns in the most effective way possible with Nexium Canada—the #1 choice of doctors and healthcare experts for frequent heartburn management.

Heartburn is an uncomfortable and burning sensation in the chest that occurs when stomach acid travels up to your throat or esophagus. This common and persistent condition is typically triggered by certain foods that are either too fatty, too spicy, high in citrus, or loaded in caffeine, such as coffee, alcoholic beverages, and chocolate. Excessive stress is also a known primary trigger of heartburn.

Nexium 24HR is a non-prescription or over-the-counter medication specially formulated to treat frequent heartburn that occurs two (2) or more days a week. It puts acid under control before it starts, offering 24-hour protection against pain and discomfort from heartburn day and night. While Nexium Canada is not intended for immediate relief and may take 1 to 4 days to treat the condition, it is proven to be effective over consecutive doses.

If you suffer from painful and persistent heartburn, taking a single dose of Nexium for 14 consecutive days can dramatically improve your quality of life. Buy Nexium 24HR now and experience happier days without heartburns!