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H One Gauze Pads Non-ADH 3"X4" 10'S


Health One Gauze Pads are excellent medical products that are best used for bandaging cuts, scrapes, burns, and other types of wounds. These gauze pads are sterile and protect the wound from exposure to harmful elements that may cause trauma or infection. Despite offering ample coverage, each gauze pad is made of soft, durable, and breathable material. This allows for optimal air circulation and comfort around the affected area.

Featuring a cushioned portion you can rest assured you will have maximum absorption of blood and wound discharge and effective protection against accidental trauma. Since Health One non-stick gauze pads are easy to remove, this minimizes the painful risk of the pads sticking to the skin and the wound.

Each pack contains 10 gauze pads that are individually wrapped to avoid contamination. They come in an ideal size that can be cut to fit any wound. Because they are non-stick, use the gauze pads with adhesive tape.

Health One Gauze Pads promote faster healing and recovery. It’s a premium-quality product that is suitable for all environments and recommended for doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), hospitals, clinics, and first aid kits. These types of sterilized gauze pads are a must-have for ambulances, schools, offices, and homes for use in case of emergency situations.