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Kleenex Go Packs Facial Tissues, Travel Size, 8 Pack


Kleenex Go Packs Facial Tissues are super soft and gentle on the skin as well as absorbent, durable, and reliable for everyday applications. Wipe away sweat, tears, dirt, and runny noses with these thick three-ply tissues. Take care of your children’s messes and sticky hands with one quick swipe of Kleenex to go. Use it to dab smudges, pat your T-zone to absorb oil without rubbing off makeup, or blot your lips when layering lipstick.

Kleenex to go disposable tissues are absolutely essential whether you are travelling far distances or commuting to work. They are convenient to have within reach when you have the sniffles and easy to dispose of after use, minimizing risks of contamination and spreading harmful germs and viruses.

Stock up on Kleenex to go all year round and always have them ready for flu season, back-to-school season, allergy season, or during travels. It comes with eight individual compact travel-sized packs that can fit in your purse, pocket, handbag, or glove compartment. They come in cute packaging designs that you won’t mind carrying anywhere you go.

Key benefits:

-8 packs with 10 disposable tissues each

-3-ply absorbent tissues that lock in moisture

-Gentle on skin but tough on dirt and messes

-Stylish prints on packaging