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Always Radiant Liners


For women, the “time of the month” can be a stressful week not only mentally and emotionally, but also when it comes to thinking about the clothes we wear. Periods aren’t only the issue here. Some also experience sensitive bladders and as a result, unwanted leakage. No woman wants to always worry about leaking or having period stains in public all the time, which is why a good quality liner and pad is a must. Always Liners is a brand you can trust when it comes to leaking protection.

Always Liners can protect you from the unwanted effect of having a sensitive bladder. Always liners are breathable, and you can barely feel them on! These absorbent liners have a Rapiddry core, turning liquid into gel to lock away bladder leaks and odors. The OdodLock Technology neutralizes odors and helps keep you feeling fresh all day and night.

Key benefits:
- Absorbs 4 times more than other liners
- Individually wrapped for discreet disposal
- The double LeakGuards help keep the wetness away from edges for extra bladder protection